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Intermediate-Upper Division - Tuesday  Volleyball (Beach) · Any Intermediate

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Summer Beach 2023
May 30 ’23
Aug 8 ’23
Registration Dates:
Apr 18 ’23 – Jun 13 ’23 regular
Minimum age:
17 years old
Maximum age:
99 years old

Intermediate 4's

Team Fees
Regular $39.00 per player
Individual Fees
Regular $39.00

The Upper Intermediate Division is for those teams/players that are more advanced in their skill level and tend to play more competitively.  The Upper Intermediate Division teams can be made up of any combination of girls and/or guys, there are no gender specifications. Teams play 4's but may have a maximum of 6 players on their roster.  Teams can pick-up subs each week if they are short players but must have at least 2 rostered players on the courts for games to avoid forfeiting.  Teams that make the playoffs at the end of the season may only use players off their roster.  No subs will be allowed in any playoff games.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

**Keep in mind that players in upper divisions are not permitted to play in lower divisions for any reason.  Players are only allowed to play up but are not allowed to play down to lower divisions.  Players in upper divisions caught playing in lower division games risk suspension and the team using those players will forfeit the games that player participated in.

TVL is a self-reffing league.  Not all teams will ref each week, however all teams will have reffing assignments from time to time throughout the season.  Teams not covering their reffing assignment will forfeit their highest played match for each time they miss at the end of the season.

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