Support Tulsa Volleyball League by becoming a league sponsor!  

We are currently accepting league sponsors for Tulsa Volleyball League.  As a league sponsor, we leave it to your discretion to decide what you would like to do to help us!  Anything given will go to help the league purchase equipment that will be used by players on game days and scheduled open plays as well as promotional items made to promote the league for future growth.  League sponsors will get their logo placed on our website, banner, and any publication we put out (online or fliers).  We would also post announcements or special events that you would want to advertise on our Facebook page, along with your logo and organization's information.  In addition, you would also be given a free team registration to the league for your company, organization or a player of your choice.

If this is something you or your company or organization would like to consider or discuss further, feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email to director@tulsavball.org or you can call or text 918-271-2965.


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