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 Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Tulsa Volleyball League! The largest volleyball league in Oklahoma!  When we formed in 2010 for our first beach volleyball season, we started with just 10 teams.  We had no idea moving forward what the coming seasons would hold for us but word of our league spread quickly.  Jumping from 10 teams to almost 30 teams within just our first year, it was an encouraging sign that there was a volleyball community in Tulsa that was starting to come alive even more.  Each year brought new players and teams to the league, causing almost a 33 percent growth each year.  In 2014 we changed our focus to accommodate even more teams by offering more divisions of play, separate league nights, more tournaments, and an even stronger focus on our Juniors Club.  Since doing that, we've had continued growth and each year proves to be even better than the year before.  With 111 teams on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the Summer Beach Volleyball Season, 2018 has proven to be our biggest season yet.

With a Board of Directors that helped in guiding the adult league in a positive direction, the Tulsa Volleyball League has something for all ages.  Offering Open Plays of our own and promoting other opportunities to play at places in and around the greater metro area, there are always places to play for the volleyball enthusiast.

Nic Wehr, Director of Operations, Tulsa Volleyball League

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